About AAR Emergency Rescue Services

Emergency Rescue Service was started in 1984 under the company name of Africa Air Rescue. Since then, additional health services have been initiated to provide holistic health care services in preventive, curative and diagnostic areas. Today, AAR Healthcare is in all the East Africa countries, providing not only emergency rescue but comprehensive Outpatient services. In Kenya alone there are 19 health centres in various towns and cities.

Emergency Medical Dispatch

We have a 24/7 medical emergency radio room which receives distress calls and dispatches ambulances all over the country.

It also manages the Medical Helpline for Online medical direction

Emergency numbers are 0725-225-225 or 0734-225-225. Emergency landline is 020-2717374/5/6


Our ambulances are either Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support. The ambulances are manned by Paramedics who are nurses trained in Pre- hospital care. The ambulance drivers are Emergency Medical Technicians that double up as Paramedic assistants.

How to call for an Ambulance

  • Dial any of the emergency number
  • State your name and give your contacts
  • State the nature of the emergency and your location
  • Give the precise directions to the location
  • Do not hand up until the dispatcher requests you to do so or until an ambulance has been dispatched


Paramedics are the care givers in our ambulance. They are trained on Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Trauma and Incidence command systems.

The EMT Operators drive the ambulances and they are also medical assistants who are qualified EMT’s and trained on ACLS, Trauma and Disaster Management.