We have a general understanding of how our bodies work, if we put our minds to think about it. We know that when we feel hungry we need to eat, when thirsty drink and when the bladder or bowel is screaming at you, you know where you need to go. That the body seems to be working well now does not always mean that all is well. In fact, most serious diseases begin gently and it is only until these conditions are quite advanced that we feel sick.
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Dangers of Chronic dieting

Chronic dieting is camouflaged as a path to great wellness and health. It actually erodes our health and well-being by contributing to physical problems such as high blood pressure, nutrient deficiency, a slowed metabolism and psychological problems.” Kepha Nyanumba Nutritionist AAR Healthcare Ltd
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Nursing Services

“Quality of Care are activities that we in the medical, nursing, laboratory fields etc daily to benefit our patients without causing harm to them. Quality of Care demands that we pay attention to the need of patients and clients. We also use methods that have been tested to be safe, affordable and can reduce deaths, illness and disability. Furthermore, we practice according to set standards as laid down by clinical guidelines and protocols to ensure quality improvement​.”
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