“Quality of Care are activities that we in the medical, nursing, laboratory fields etc daily to benefit our patients without causing harm to them. Quality of Care demands that we pay attention to the need of patients and clients. We also use methods that have been tested to be safe, affordable and can reduce deaths, illness and disability. Furthermore, we practice according to set standards as laid down by clinical guidelines and protocols to ensure quality improvement​.”

Quality healthcare is paramount in all healthcare facilities, in AAR healthcare, nurses provide quality service and strive for excellence and ethical responsibilities which are held in high regard. Since there is growing concerns about the provision of quality healthcare, there is a need for improvement. AAR healthcare has put in place tools to measure the quality of services provided in order to meet client’s expectations and also to ensure high quality and professionalism in regards to nurses. Quality measures are tools that help us measure or quantify healthcare processes, outcomes, patient perceptions, and organizational structure and/or systems that are associated with the ability to provide high-quality health care and/or that relate to one or more quality goals for health care. These tools of measurement are used as fundamental definitions of quality as characteristics and degrees of excellence, with standards referring to a general agreement of how things should be (to be considered of high quality).

AAR healthcare has commissioned a quality assurance model that has endured with its foundation of societal and professional values as well as the most current scientific knowledge. Furthermore, the assurance model is a crucial tool that is in monitoring and surveillance that identifies hazards and patient deterioration before they become errors and adverse events. Relatively the model has contributed richly to Quality Improvement at AAR healthcare and its professional team as far as nurses and their values and ethical practices in ensuring quality service is concerned.

Nurses in AAR healthcare have been passionate about defining and measuring quality long before the emphasis on quality improvement. In the past, it was often viewed that nurse’s responsibility was patient safety in narrow aspects of patient care, for example, avoiding medication errors and preventing patient falls. While these dimensions of safety remain important within the nursing profession, the breadth and depth of quality improvement are far greater.

The most critical contribution of nursing to patients in AAR healthcare is the ability of the nurses to coordinate and integrate the multiple aspects of quality within the care directly provided by nurses, and across the care delivered by others in various departments. This integrative function is a component associated with fewer complications and lower mortality. This is ensured through follow-ups for patients that are admitted to associate health facilities and patients that are allowed to go home, which is in relation to the roles of professional nurses in integrating care. An elaborate communication structure has been established by the AAR Healthcare Management to allow nurses, doctors and other staff to provide high quality healthcare service to patients. Communication is crucial for nurses in AAR Healthcare to contain all manner of errors. Further, when we consider the key role of communication or communication lapses in the commission of error,the role of nursing as a prime communication link in all healthcare settings becomes evident.

The root-cause analysis of errors provides categories of linked causes, including: Failure to follow standard operating procedures, Poor leadership, Breakdowns in communication or teamwork, Overlooking or ignoring individual fallibility, and Losing track of Objectives. For quality in healthcare services to be assured, AAR has put in place mechanisms such as turnaround time analysis carried out regularly to measure the standards of quality in the facilities. There is evidence indicating current quality improvement (QI) involving nurses in their professional accountability and professional values. Quality Improvement has become more an administrative mandate than an ethical standard for nurses. AAR healthcare has incorporated nursing professional values into Quality Improvement in order to address nursing care, professional ethics and the scope of practice for nurses at AAR healthcare. Although AAR healthcare has a bottom line to achieve, it is encouraging to see the shift of attention from cost containment alone to improvement of quality, the current approach to Quality Improvement at AAR healthcare has improved the professional values of nursing.

Additionally, it is our culture to build excellence in customer care services that empower our nurses to offer quality customer service. The skills and knowledge acquired by nurses through CAARE (creating an AAR remarkable experience) training enables them to engage, retain and attract more customers, experience the service.

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  1. Hello am a qualified nurse working currently at medicross kenya but would like to come to your clinic and offer my nursing skills there ….kindly am looking forward to here from your …..Thanks

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