AAR Colors

Fee for Service

This is an arrangement where we open credit accounts for organizations that have volumes for emergency ambulance service and we invoice them per case or on need basis. Ambulances are provided based on availability and charged on market rate.

  • 1. Contract

    A contract needs to be signed first on the services offered. Once that is done then ambulance service will commence and invoicing starts.

  • 2. Non-member

    Membership fee will not be paid and rescue services will be provided at the current rate of ambulance service to non-members.

  • 3. Hire

    A contract can also be signed for ambulance hire for a minimum of three months with personnel and equipment. This can be on need basis but with ample notice period.

  • 4. Lease

    We can also lease an ambulance for a period of time within our areas of operation for a period. Payment is made in advance and monthly thereafter depending on the package.