Tree for Health Program (T4H) is the corporate Social Investment (CSI) flagship of AAR HealthCare. AAR Healthcare aims at providing a choice for innovative and quality healthcare solutions in Africa. This is achieved through providing healthcare solutions that make a difference to life. The program was started in 1996 to combat environmental degradation and facilitate improved health status among school children and the community. Currently the program is being run in three countries in East African: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. T4H is implemented through AAR Healthcare’s employee voluntary Program (EVP) and community engagement by partnering with schools (Primary and secondary schools-both public and private).

Expected Outcomes

    • Sustained and improved environmental stewardship.
    • Increased knowledge based on tree planting and management among the school, children, their parents and guardians.
    • Increased knowledge in addressing environmental issues.
    • Low incidence of absenteeism from schools.
    • Improved academic performance.
    • Increased confidence levels among children in career identification.

Goal: Improve human health through better environment and sanitation by planting a tree and de-worming a child for each patient seen at AAR Outpatient Centers.


Clinical Perspective

  • The focus is on Introducing basic health Initiatives through:
  • De-worming school children as worm infestation is one of the neglected tropical diseases with lethal outcomes
  • Advocating for and promoting hand washing, water boiling, fruits and vegetable washing before eating among school children.
  • The basic assumption is that the information will trickle down to their household members and practice improved hygiene.

Environmental Perspective

  • Environmental activities are aimed at arresting environmental degradation. The activities involve:
  • Tree planting in school grounds
  • Revival of a healthy environment through aforestation
  • Promoting use of recycled materials.

Outreach Perspective

  • The outreach is two-pronged. Health talks and career talks.
  • Health talks focus on awareness creation on some health conditions as well as giving information to address their health issues.
  • Career talks are mainly to motivate the children to remain focused on their career of choices and show them the many options available to them in the health industry.