Tree for Health Program (T4H)

Tree for Health Program (T4H) is the corporate Social Investment (CSI) flagship of AAR Healthcare.

Our key service delivery areas are :

  1. Clinical Perspective: The focus is on Introducing basic health Initiatives through de-worming school children as worm infestation is one of the neglected tropical diseases with lethal outcomes.we also  advocate and promote hand washing, water boiling, fruits and vegetable washing before eating among school children. The basic assumption is that the information will trickle down to their household members and practice improved hygiene.
  1. Environmental perspective Our environmental activities are aimed at arresting environmental degradation though tree planting in school grounds and creatring awarenss amnong studenst on the importance of  tree planting.we also advocate for paper recycling inexchange of sanitary towels and books for needy students.


  1. Outreach perspective –our outreach program focues on heath talks and career talks. Health talks focus on awareness creation on some health conditions as well as giving information to address their health issues. Career talks are mainly to motivate the children to remain focused on their career of choices and show them the many options available to them.

We at AAR Helthcare are now aggressively partnering with other like-minded institutions in a bid to double our efforts.  We appreciate the partnership we have had with International Peace Support Training College,Kenya forest services-KFS,Wildclubs of Kenya-WCK,AVSI Foundation,World Friends, different rotary clubs,PAC university and many primary and secondary schools all over the country.

Our achievements to date:


Number of children dewormed around the country

Number of trees planted around the country

Number of students mentored through career talks

Quarter 1




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